How to use Ccleaner

This tutorials help you through basic step in Ccleaner

How to remove broken registry

Ccleaner help you clean old – out of date registry on your computer. To start using Registry cleaning, follow these step below.

Uninstalling programs with Ccleaner

CCleaner can uninstall programs like Add/Remove Programs feauture on windows but better.

Managing auto-starting programs

To manage which programs start with Windows, follow these steps below.

Manage Browser Plugins

Lastest version of Ccleaner can help you manage browers plugins. To use this function, please read these instruction below.

List all files or folder in a computer.

Ccleaner could help you list all files and folder in your computer. For example, please see this intruction below.

Find and remove dublicate file.

CCleaner’s File Finder enables you to quickly locate duplicate files on your PC.

Excluding files, folders, and Registry entries

If you add a exclusion, that file or Registry entry will never be cleaned. Follow this instruction to add a exclusion.

How to uninstall Ccleaner

This tutorial shows you how to uninstall ccleaner. Follow these steps below.