How to use Ccleaner

This tutorials help you through basic step in Ccleaner, read carefully these steps below.

If you have not installed Ccleaner on your computer, read download and install ccleaner for details.

Detailed instructions

Step 1: Run ccleaner on from desktop

run ccleaner icon

Step 2: Choose tab Cleaner at left menu

run cleaner screen

Step 3: Check or uncheck what you want to clean or not. Click Analyze

run ccleaner options

Step 4: After analysis comleted. You can see details cleaner information.


Step 5: You can remove single item from list ( by right click > clean ) or remove all item from list ( click Run Cleaner)

do remove cleaner

When progress complete, ccleaner will tell you how many items has been remove

cleaner result

Run ccleaner one time per week, may help your computer get better performance.


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